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    Hornets' nest (see photo here)

    It is hard to believe they have built this over about four months! At first it was all inside of course, but I guessed they would not stop there. The original hole was at the front, but I was surprised when they built a basement with no access, unless they chewed another hole in the bottom. It will be interesting to see if they have, when they all die off, probably after the first frosts. Assuming the queen is still alive, she could be a year old by now, as new queens usually emerge late summer or early autumn.

    I think the nest went un-noticed by most visitors even though they passed within a few feet of it, showing how tolerant the hornets are. It was just a couple of kids that got stung on a school visit, and they might
    have been messing about there. The leaders should have been told, because I let the chap in charge know about it as soon as I spotted it on a butterfly walk.
    Garth Lowe

    Spotted flycatchers

    Garth Lowe photographed a nest of spotted flycatchers outside his bathroom window at Old Storridge on 28th July 2013. He said it is the first time in a number of years they have actually used it so he is very pleased they have survived predation so far. They should fly in the next few days.
    See photo at

    Change of venue for Indoor Meetings

    Because of scheduled building work that is due to take place at Malvern Evangelical Church we have had to find a change of venue for our Indoor Meetings from September 5th*. After much deliberation we have settled on the Lyttelton Rooms in Church Street, Great Malvern. This is a temporary move and we look forward to returning to the Evangelical Church later in 2014 when the building work is complete.
    We shall be meeting in the Main Hall at the Lyttelton Rooms next to the Malvern Priory Church. The facilities, although on the first floor (there is a lift), provide us with all our needs. There is ample car parking available nearby, and there are two identified parking places for disabled people in the Priory grounds.

    We are unable to access the room for setting up until 7pm so please be aware of that when you plan your arrival time.

    Orchids at Poolbrook Common

    Margaret and John Dunn have reported that they've just seen the best display of orchids on Poolbrook Common that they've seen there in the twenty years that they have lived nearby. Not only are there at least three times as many orchids than in other years, but they are now spreading all over the Common. If you park in Churchdown Road (the road leading to St. Andrews Church) and take the mown path from where Longridge Road meets Poolbrook Road and head in a south-westerly direction towards the stream, you can’t miss them.